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See of Rome is called Sancta ●Sedes, and its bishop entitled Sanctissimus■ Papa: the pope's holiness i■s but a holiness in name.[171] Vain-glory

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, wor●ldly pomp, unrestrained lust, and● vices innumerable prevail i●n Rome. I have seen it with my own eyes. ●The pope claims by his ceremonies to forg●ive men th

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eir sins: it is a serious error. One w■ork only blots them out, namely, the death of ●our Lord Jesus Christ. So long● as the See of Rome endures, t●

to enjoy life,■

here will be no remedy for the evils● which overwhelm us. These many year■s I had daily prayed unto God that I mig●ht see the power of Rome d



estroyed.'[172■] Language so frank necessarily displeased the ●adherents of the pope, and accordingly, whe●n Cranmer alluded to his energetic daily praye●r, the Superior of the Dominicans■, trembling with exci

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tement, exclaimed: ●'What a want of charity!' He was


not the onl■y person struck with indignation and fea

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assembled to prevent the archbishop from c●arrying ou

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rs, to reply ●to Cranmer. Going into the pulpit, h●e

to their parishes. =C●RANMER DENOUNCES R
OME.= The visitation of the ●monasteries began wit
h those of● Canterbury, the primatial ch●urch of England. In October 1 众辰医药科技有限公司 伊幻汽车租赁有限公司 乾语信息技术有限公司 冀果贸易有限公司 凝兰财务管理有限公司